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Taza Chocolate

Creating a sleek, colorful website to match their chocolate’s smooth and bold texture

What makes delicious, local chocolate even more appealing? A beautiful new e-commerce website!

Local Chocolate, Big Impact

Taza stocks the shelves of innumerable local food stores and farmers markets. Their distinctive, brightly-colored wrapping is eye-catching and speaks to the unique flavors of the chocolate inside. We wanted to incorporate their preexisting brand assets into their new website, which aimed to both tell their story and sell their chocolate to a widespread customer base.

Colors abound

Taza gave us a great base to work from. We wanted to showcase as much of their beautiful packaging as possible, so we designed the site with an eye towards abundant imagery. We also wanted the image selections to lend themselves to the authenticity that Taza values and promotes; shots of cacao farmers on location are shown in succession with the bright magentas, yellows, and royal blues of the 84% dark chocolate bar.

The e-commerce experience

We also wanted to give Taza a lot of flexibility and the ability to be as transparent with their customers as possible. Taza sells their products in different categories, sizes, variations, and combinations, and we needed to create a platform to present every item in a visually appealing, practical way. Taza also wanted to make it easier for customers to understand the quality of the products they purchased, so we came up with creative ways to showcase nutrition information, certifications, dietary advisories, and related products. We put a premium on ease of navigation and intuitive use, so the shopping process (including purchasing gift cards) is seamless and custom.

A unique approach

Creating a high-quality e-commerce site presents its own set of challenges. To make sure that Taza’s site was beautiful, bug-free, and highly user-friendly, we supercharged our SDS process and checked every little thing. Designing within the parameters of Shopify, while challenging, allowed us to flex our creative and problem-solving muscles to ensure that users could easily navigate the site while remaining engaged with the candy-colored visuals.

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