Aaron Britto headshot

Aaron Britto

Social Media Specialist

Aaron is a rare find—his interests run the gamut from fishing to cameras to crafting cocktails.

My work is all about creativity and bringing people together. I’ve never met a challenge that didn’t intrigue me or teach me something along the way.


Aaron brings his insatiable curiosity and strong work ethic to the online reach of the various brands that Jackrabbit manages. He is a quick study, diving into any subject or client that comes his way at Jackrabbit (where he is engulfed in all things digital marketing). He enjoys being part of an industry that is ever-evolving and seeing his hard work pay off as clients’ social presences grow and grow. He is always looking for the most interesting way to capture and present content—which leads to posts that stand out. Innovative and adaptable, he uncovers different ways to solve problems and accomplish tasks efficiently.

A fisherman through and through, Aaron always finds a way to be on or in the water. If he must be on land, he’s likely to be indulging his love of cars, or exploring cool drinking and dining spots with his girlfriend Tessa—ideally, dog-friendly haunts where their beloved pups, Dani and Briar, can tag along.