Henk Groenewald

Two decades of branding taught me a brand is the most valuable asset a business can own. This simple insight drives my zeal for developing brands as hard-working business tools that create delight, demand, and dollars.

Henk helps clients understand that their brand is much more than a just a name, logo, or website. A brand is a powerful business asset that must inspire both passion and performance. Henk is brought on before design work starts to help ensure a brand’s positioning is unique in its marketplace; is deeply differentiated from the competition; and has a distinct personality and promise in the target market’s hearts, minds, and wallets.

The Brand Ecologist.

Henk specializes in brand research, strategy, tactics, and evaluation. He takes a realistic view of how brands truly impact a business and not the creative window-dressing typical brand experts provide. Henk enables clients to better use their brand to achieve business goals such as growth opportunities, new revenue channels, premium pricing, fresh target markets, market differentiation, and connecting target markets more meaningfully to offerings.

An Oxford Graduate in Architecture and Urban Design, Henk had an international career as a management consultant for Kaiser Associates and also various design firms and advertising agencies in London, Cape Town, New York, and Seattle before he settled in New England. He is an avid vegetable gardener, bread baker, and boils his own maple syrup on his small farm in Vermont.