Jake Zhong

I love developing interactions. A user’s experience on a site should be seamless, streamlined, and intuitive – I love knowing that I’m part of creating that experience.

Jake first aspired to join the Jackrabbit team a year before he actually came to the office, having stumbled upon the site while searching for inspiration across the web. Now, he’s a key member of the development team, helping out in a wide variety of client projects.

The adventurer.

Jake’s skill in development is driven by his love of video games – he enjoys every element, from game play to design and development. He has plenty of firsthand client experience in digital interaction, and this knowledge greatly contributes to his ability to turn creative designs into code. Jake brings a unique perspective to the office, having travelled from China to the US to begin his professional career.

Jake holds a bachelor degree in Multimedia and Web Technology from South China Normal University, and a Master’s degree in Digital Media from Northeastern University. In his free time, he enjoys playing and watching games – both of the video and athletic variety – and listening to music.