Kathie Caplain headshot

Kathie Caplain

Office Manager

While studying web design at Rhode Island School of Design, Kathie started following the work being created by the rabbits. She was looking for a way to be around creative, innovative people, working in the field she was learning—and she found it.

I love being surrounded by the creative energy and amazing talent at Jackrabbit.


Kathie is a team player who pitches in for the Jackrabbit Design team wherever needed, from ordering supplies to content population. She brings her easy-going nature, eye for detail, and overall passion to the office. Whatever the task, she performs it with her signature warmth. Prior to leaving the workforce to raise children, Kathie worked as a designer at the corporate headquarters of Dunkin’ Donuts.

Kathie earned her bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University. She loves all the major New England sports teams but is particularly passionate about Liverpool Football Club. She enjoys cooking, photography, and spending time with her family, especially lively toddler Violet.