Sandra Wong

It’s amazing seeing the great work creative people can produce.

Sandra is drawn to working in environments that are creative and collaborative in nature. Her natural affinity for all things imaginative and innovative has brought her into close proximity with talented designers and developers. She’s excited to work with her fellow Rabbits to take client projects to new heights.

The Pizza Connoisseur.

Sandra brings her passion for creativity and her skills in client management to each and every project. Driven by her interest in illustration, Sandra works with clients to ensure that each website and print project pushes the creative envelope every time.

Sandra is an avid explorer, especially when there’s pizza or a craft brewery involved! In her free time, she enjoys honing her illustrations skills and running; one day, she hopes to illustrate children’s books. Sandra is a graduate of The College of the Holy Cross with a BA in Architecture Studies and Chinese Language (she’s conversationally fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese).