Rabbit Rhetoric: Stop, Drop, and Scroll!

Rabbit Rhetoric

Every step of the web design process is important, but quality assurance is near and dear to our hearts.

Because we like fun nicknames, we call our team QA “Stop, Drop, and Scroll”, or SDS for short. As a website nears its launch date, the entire team schedules time to “stop” what they’re doing, “drop” into proofing mode, and “scroll” through a website to check for errors in design, copy, functionality, and cross-browser compatibility.


SDS is run by the project manager in charge of that particular site; both the PM and the developer take a backseat during actual SDS, standing by for questions and ready to address edits at the end of the process. All other team members, the majority of whom have not been actively working on the website, get to give everything fresh eyes and objectively critique where they see fit. It’s great because the site is then examined by other designers, developers, project managers, interns – a group of people bound to notice a variety of elements! An art director might narrow in on photo styles and cropping, while a project manager might check every page versus the approved designs to make sure all text styles are accurate.


There’s no denying that we take pride in our work and want to ensure that our end product is beautiful and functional every single time. Each member of the Jackrabbit team is either assigned a specific role, like testing the site on an iPad or within a specific browser or participates in general QA by looking through the site for things like spelling mistakes or broken links.

As an added incentive, we often hide a silly photo or out-of-place text somewhere subtle within the site – the first team member to find the “Easter egg” is awarded a gift card.


Simple – a site that is launch-ready and free of as many bugs as possible, across all browsers and devices. SDS is an important step because we’re able to catch errors on multiple levels – those that the average user might or might not notice, and those that only a developer might see. We make it fun with music, easter eggs, and prizes, but we take SDS very seriously to ensure that our clients’ sites are in top shape for launch.

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