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From traditional print campaigns and outdoor billboards to digital advertising and TV commercials, our clients count on us to develop and maintain creative content that’s consistent across all channels. Integrated advertising campaigns tend to have more impact, higher response rates, and generate more leads than a single ad through one medium. Therefore, we take a cohesive and integrated approach to campaign development. We create results-driven concepts that will stand out from your competition. The campaigns are built to be memorable, resonate with your audience, and maximize response.



Whether it’s a print advertisement or a digital campaign, there’s one element that is paramount—and that’s a compelling concept. Our creative team aims to craft results-driven content using unique headlines and visuals that will set you apart—no matter how many pixels or column inches are available. We typically aim to explore a variety of design directions; options that achieve your goals from a different angle. This provides our clients with multiple strong ideas to choose from, ensuring the end result is the best it can be.

summer infant magazine advertisement with creative headline
The Cooperative Bank (TCB) advertising on billboard
The Cooperative Bank (TCB) bus shelter advertising in Boston
The Cooperative Bank (TCB) advertising in subway
The Cooperative Bank (TCB) print advertising
The Cooperative Bank (TCB) advertising on digital boards
The Cooperative Bank social media page on mobile device


Our campaigns can take a variety of trajectories depending on your needs—from action-oriented to brand-building. Regardless, we aim to understand what motivates your audience. We speak to their needs and wants in order to infuse the right emotional triggers to create that click or make that emotional connection to a product or brand. When we are able to make your audience feel something in an authentic way, success follows.

a family at the beach is an example of rogers gray target audience for insurance
print advertisements for rogers gray insurance

We help you tell your story

Due to Jackrabbit’s long tenure working across industries from boats, to booze, to aviation, to life sciences, we understand the nuances of the audiences of our clients. Each industry has its own characteristics and needs, while some share common threads. We know every company has their own story that can be told successfully with a thoughtful and compelling narrative that inspires an emotional response. Let Jackrabbit tell your authentic and unique story!

Good Sports advertising campaign communicating the expensive aspect of sports that prevents kids from playing

Let's Get Digital

While many of our clients still heavily leverage traditional print advertising in trade publications and regional outlets, we have seen great results taking campaigns online with retargeting ads via Google Ads, social media marketing, video marketing, and other digital channels. Digital advertising allows you to reach your audience exactly where they are. Digital platforms are also quick to measure—often with real-time results and metrics—helping us make your campaign more cost-effective.

NXT Capital digital ad campaign
Boston Mutual digital ad campaign
MGH Academy digital ad campaign
NXT Capital digital ad campaign
Boston Mutual digital ad campaign
MGH Academy digital ad campaign
RogersGray video still showing back of car with local FAL euro bumper sticker

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