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Animation show reel

Jackrabbit Animation Showreel

Animation is a great way to communicate your ideas or spread a little cheer and fun. An approachable illustrated style can help to explain your service offerings simply, while engaging motion graphics and audio can generate excitement around a core message. Our animation reel is a quick showcase of some of the work we’ve created, from explainer videos to animated holiday cards, that have helped bring our clients’ stories to life.

Animated Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are short, animated videos that help communicate an organization’s mission, values, product, process, benefits, or really anything they wish to explain! We work with our clients to establish a concept, visual style, and script that lead us through the production of a fully custom animated video. Whether character-driven or visually abstract, we have experience in a variety of approaches that’ll bring your message to life.

DJ Dream Fund promo video animation

Graphics in Motion

With a strong foundation in branding and design, we create motion graphics that support our clients in all of their multimedia initiatives. Our motion graphics capabilities are often an integral part of our video production services and can support any screen-based media. From looping tradeshow booth videos to animated social media posts and app imagery, we have experience on screens small and large—including Fenway Park’s digital billboards!

BellXcel video sample

Our Approach to Custom Animation

It all starts with messaging and strategy—what are you trying to communicate, and to whom? From there, we develop a script and a storyboard where the animations intent is indicated in black-and-white visual form. While the storyboard captures scene composition, our keyframes communicate character and animation style. These incremental steps, and your opportunity to react to them, allow for collaboration along the way so that we can ensure that the finished product meets your goals and expectations. With these items approved, our animators get to work bringing the concept to life.


Battery Ventures animation sample
illustrated bathroom cabinet with drug store products
crew team rowing through city
female rabbit illustration drinking coffee
rabbit illustrated giving thumbs up and "nice"
boy rabbit illustration with large glasses and hearts around face

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