This or That? Polling the Rabbits

mountain and beach with "This or That?"

Pumpkin Spice or Caramel Macchiato? Cats or dogs? Nobody can resist a poll!

Creating polls is a quick and easy way for companies to add variety to their social media posts. Fun and engaging polls help build organic relationships with followers and increase marketing presence on platforms. Polling isn’t just for use on social media though. At Jackrabbit we love using polls internally too, to gauge our team’s interest in a variety of topics. Whether work-related or just for fun, poll results typically inspire further conversation and fun debates, helping us all get to know each other a bit better.

Using Polls

Could using polls be helpful to your organization? The information gathered from polls can provide great insight. A “This or That” poll can be used to gauge topics of interest to followers, data that may be helpful for the creation of future social media or blog posts. Similarly, responses can help determine which new flavors, products, or services might be well received by the company’s most engaged followers. An infographic of the results or the result of a specific question can be used to create a follow-up post, with future marketing uses. If polls include comments, why not use the most interesting or entertaining responses in a post?

Instagram poll screenshot

Instagram’s tool is included in the story option. Using a photo or graphic, tap the sticker icon and select the poll sticker. Customize possible responses by clicking on the yes/no buttons. Poll duration is limited to one day.

Facebook poll screenshot

To create a poll on Facebook, start writing a status update and click the poll button below the text box. Then customize the responses and set the duration of the poll. Facebook allows the duration to be set infinitely.

Twitter poll screenshot

Twitter polls may be created by writing a question and then tapping on the small graph icon underneath. Multiple responses may be added and the poll duration set from one minute up to a week.

Polling the Rabbits

Inspired by the Waffles vs Pancake ice-breaker game, we polled our team on a variety of preferences to get to know each other a little better. Take a look at the results for a fun peek into The Rabbits!

jackrabbit team polls

Polls can be a fun source of entertainment and stimulating engagement with followers or employees. Whether the purpose of using polls is to gauge if your target audience prefers one new product offering over another or learn more about your coworkers, what’s important is that you are asking questions! Asking questions helps foster connection and the more you know can help you effectively communicate together. This is something that we do often at Jackrabbit and it was certainly fun for us to participate in this poll to learn more about our fellow Rabbits!


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