Helpful Tips and Top Swag Items

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This blog helps to answer some common questions companies may be thinking about when sourcing swag and other promotional items.

  1. What are the top swag items that everyone is producing?
  2. Who should I get to produce my swag?
  3. Is my logo ready to be branded on my swag?
  4. Where can I buy custom shirts? Where can I buy custom stickers?
  5. Who has one-stop-shop swag items?

Top Three Swag Items


Yeti logo

Yeti is always a fan favorite when it comes to the Yeti 20 oz. Tumbler.

Tips and Top Swag Items: sample yeti tumbler with custom logo


Everybody that gets a Yeti as a gift is super pumped because you get a well-known, quality product that can easily be branded with your company’s logo! You can order these directly from Yeti’s custom drinkware department (but the lead time is a lot greater than if you were to order them through Jackrabbit!) Depending on your quantity, we can probably get you better pricing too. A new item from Yeti to consider is the Rambler 14 oz Mug.

Patagonia logo

Everyone loves Patagonia as a top apparel item for spring or fall gifts. They are high-quality apparel pieces that last. If you put your company name next to well know brand like “Patagonia”, it makes a statement. You can check out all the corporate sales and catalogs on Patagonia’s website.

Tips and Top Swag Items: samle patagonia jackets with custom logo


Some of the top items to choose from are the Patagonia Better Sweater ¼ Zip Fleece and Better Sweater Fleece Vest as well as the Chacabuco Backpack 30L in Black. Jackrabbit can check inventory and source any of these items for you.

I think it’s worth noting that when you order things through corporate sales, they have very limited color options and tend to just have neutral colors: white, black, grey, and navy. The best way to decorate these is with embroidery because it looks nicer and lasts long. A lower price point alternative to Patagonia is Charles River Apparel, check them out!

Moleskin logo

Moleskin has a well know notebook and journal collection that has quality-made items. Check out Moleskin’s Classic Notebook Collection here for some different styles.

Tips and Top Swag Items: sample moleskin journals with custom logo


Don’t hesitate to reach out to see what styles are available from corporate sales and the available colors. For decoration, you can do Pad printing (1-2 colors), Digital printing (full color), deboss (logo recessed), or a foil stamp (metallic silver or gold film that’s applied). These are great high-end notebooks that will last.


Here are some lower price point alternative items from one-stop-shop vendors.

When there is just one option for a bumper sticker or T-shirt, you should be aware that this product might not be best suited for all scenarios. For instance, if you were looking to produce stickers, some things you would need to consider are if it is printed on paper versus vinyl stock, or do the stickers have temporary adhesive (removable) or permanent adhesive backing (this will leave behind residue and some of the sticker if removed).

For shirts, you would need to consider if the inks being printed are plastisol (good, but caked on feel), if they are water-based (best – soft hand feel), or if they are digitally printed (not durable to washing – usually on white/lighter shirts but can print in multiple colors).


sticker mule logo

Stickers at Sticker Mule


custom ink logo

T-shirts at Custom Ink


moo logo

Business Cards at


pukka logo

Hats at Pukka


For swag items, here are a couple of the largest one-stop-shop suppliers in the promotional products industry:


bic graphics logo

Bic Graphics


Gemline logo


A variety of YETI cups and mugs with Jackrabbit design logo

Ready to get started ordering some company swag?

While this is just a starting point, we encourage you to reach out if you have further questions or need help placing an order through Jackrabbit.

We hope that our Tips and Top Swag Items blog post has been helpful. Even if you need help designing your logo to work better with swag (a one-color version), we got you covered.

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