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Revolutionizing Stock Trading with a Revolutionary Design

Ustocktrade set out to level the stock trading playing field by breaking down the barriers of entry. We partnered with them to create a killer brand strategy with clean, crisp, modern designs that establishes Ustocktrade as the leader in Alternative Trading systems.

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  • Web Design & Development
  • Animation
  • Brand Strategy
  • Mobile
  • Online Marketing
  • Video

Mobile & Web Application

To accomplish Ustocktrade’s goal of giving the average person the ability to trade stocks easily, it was important to design a trading application that was simple to use. Our UI/UX experts designed a thoughtful platform with easy access to all of the important and beneficial features Ustocktrade has to offer.

Social Media

Social media is hands-down one of the best ways to reach Ustocktrade’s target market. We focused on creating clever, visually interesting campaigns that highlight Ustocktrade’s features–even poking fun at some of their competitors along the way. You can really feel Ustocktrade’s brand persona through their social media presence.

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Standardized Social Announcements

We created a Sketch template for Ustocktrade that includes both set styles and an Icon Library. The goal was to give the user the ability to easily add their own text, and switch out icons based on the announcement they’d like to make, without effecting the design of the post. This results in a cleaner, more cohesive social feed.

From brand development, web/UI/UX design, social marketing, and video production, the JRD team has offered personalized attention that has met our needs every step of the way. Jackrabbit Designs' ability to adapt to market trends has allowed us to be a competitive and relevant brand in the FinTech space.

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