The definitive name in American hard cider.


Vermont Cider Company’s diverse hard cider portfolio is as diverse as the projects we’ve tackled for their brands, from web to branding to packaging. From the ultra-premium Vermont Cider Co., iconic Woodchuck, innovative Gumption, fruit-forward Wyder’s as well as the classic Magners and Blackthorn, rounding out our import offerings, each of these brands have been a distinct (and not to mention delicious) pleasure to work on.


  • Illustration
  • Packaging
  • Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development

Designing five sites for VCC was an exercise in branding and creativity. Providing consumers with details about their favorite ciders in a way that speaks to each brand’s unique voice and experience was a fun challenge for the Jackrabbit team. From the high-end food pairings on the Vermont Cider Co. website to the down to earth occasions for drinking on the Wyder’s site, the brands come to life with these presentations of unique content. All five sites also feature the ability for consumers to easily locate where they can purchase their favorite cider of styles near them.

Responsive Design

In addition to the desktop design of the website, Jackrabbit developed a fully-featured responsive design for all 5 sites so that consumers can find out where to buy their favorite ciders straight from their mobile devices.

A creative circus

The added ability to leverage motion and interactivity on allowed us to bring the characters featured on the packaging to life

Woodchuck Hard cider

Woodchuck has been making hard cider in Vermont for almost 25 years. In the increasingly crowded hard cider category Woodchuck looked to us to develop new packaging that would brand them as the original, speak to their Vermont roots, and reinforce authenticity at the core of everything they do. Woodchuck is reinventing themselves AND the hard cider category.

Vermont cider co

This new-to-world super-premium hard cider brand highlights the best of Vermont in every way, with ingredients sourced from Vermont down to the people who make it; to align with this, the team illustrated an idyllic Vermont barn as the central visual for the logo and packaging.


If Vermont Cider Co. is picturesque mountains, then Wyder’s is crashing pacific waves. Tasked with redesigning the packaging for this laid-back yet top-quality brand, we brought the ciders to life with custom-painted watercolor fruit for each of the four styles.


A true opportunity to flex our creative muscles, designing the packaging for Gumption Hard Cider is an all-time favorite project of ours.

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