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Jackrabbit Focuses on Helping Grow the ABS Brand


ABS is all about GROWTH. The Baltimore-based firm taps into their deep experience to help companies navigate their growth stages. Over the years the ABS brand has continued to evolve and adapt to the firm’s needs. And the rabbits have had the pleasure of helping along the way, working with the team at ABS Capital for over 10 years. We’ve collaborated on a variety of projects, including two website redesigns. The 2019 website provides a fresh, modern take on the ABS visual brand identity.

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Web Design & Development

The rabbits were tasked with getting across the team’s deep expertise, unpretentious culture, and collaborative vibe. So we hopped on a flight to meet up with the ABS team and a number of their portfolio company executives, filming conversations about their partnerships over the years. The videos are prominently featured on the new site and showcase a point of pride for the ABS team: true partnerships with their founders and CEOs.

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Want to know what it’s really like to work with ABS? The new site uses storytelling, in a variety of formats, to paint a picture of an approachable yet deeply knowledgeable firm. Mirroring the firm’s to-the-point approach, the ‘How We Work’ page leverages an interactive timeline to illustrate, step-by-step, what the path to a successful partnership might look like. The Rabbits also helped to create a visual representation a “typical” deal. For an even deeper look, users can peruse case studies that take them through companies’ journeys with ABS. These case studies are a showpiece of the site, with thoughtful copywriting, beautiful photography, engaging video content, and interactive features.

Holiday Cards

Each year, we look forward to the call from ABS Capital signalling that it’s time to start their annual holiday emailer. Now in our ninth year designing the piece, the project always gets us into the holiday spirit and allows us to flex our creative muscles and illustration talent.

Marketing & Communications

We asked Jackrabbit to bring new design and functionality to our website redesign and they truly delivered with creativity and modern technology. Besides delivering on the creative front, the project was well managed with attention to calendar and budget. When we requested changes, they were up front about the cost to time and expense. Because Jackrabbit has video resources in-house, we had the ability to keep a consistent look and feel. The content management is flexible and intuitive and, with Jackrabbit provided training, we will easily be able to keep our site current and fresh. We couldn’t be more pleased with our new website.

Kim Kile General Partner, ABS Capital Partners

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