Who doesn’t love working on a project with adorable baby photos?

Informed Design

Summer Infant wanted to establish a clear vision of their audience before jumping into a new advertising campaign and e-commerce website design. We started with a brand strategy exercise to pinpoint the companies status in the infant products market and the main needs of the millennial mom. Armed with this information, we designed print and digital pieces that appealed directly to the consumer.



  • Advertising
  • Brand Strategy
  • Print Ad Campaign
  • Web Design & Development

Web Design

The website goals were to showcase Summer Infant’s range of product categories and create an e-commerce presence that was easy for consumers. We designed the site to communicated understanding and expertise in the infant product market.

Responsive Design

Most moms are doing everything one-handed, which means having an excellent mobile experience is key. Additional research was done to make each step in the e-commerce process clear and intuitive.

E-Commerce Solution

Summer Infant’s old website was not a main driver of online sales because it was difficult to see that items were sold directly from their site. They wanted to utilize their new infrastructure to establish a more profitable e-commerce presence. We pushed the shopping focus of the website to the forefront to generate additional direct sales.

Ad Campaigns

We were excited to then carry our brand knowledge over to their new print advertising campaign. We developed multiple theme options, with attention-grabbing headlines and engaging visuals that would help promote the Summer Infant brand across industry magazines and through their digital presence.

Print Advertising

We developed a cohesive marketing campaign to meet two main goals: support key product launches and educate consumers about the multiple brands under the parent company.

Digital Ads

We extended the creative into social media activation and engagement opportunities, providing an asset library that could be used throughout the year.

Brand Tagline and Social

In order to showcase the family of brands, we developed a tagline to communicate Summer Infant’s passion for what they do and position the company as a positive resource for families.

Video Monitor Promo Video

Video is a powerful tool for a consumer products company (especially with smiling babies as the talent). Our team put together a promo video for a key product in the Summer Infant baby monitor category. The focus was to support the print campaign headline “Catch Every Unmissable Moment”.

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