Intercontinental Real Estate’s professionals represent virtually every aspect of the real estate industry. We have worked with them for over a decade, helping to bring their brand to life. During that time, we’ve worked on lots of digital and print projects, from annual investor meeting invites and corresponding event microsites, to save-the dates and acquisition cards.


  • Event Identity & Invitations
  • Online Marketing
  • Print Collateral
  • Signage

Annual Investor Meeting & Golf Outing

We designed a printed invitation package that maintains the corporate brand style, while bringing a fresh look to the Belmont Annual Golf Outing to keep investors engaged from year to year. The key elements to this design lie in the subtle textured overlay and card stock.

An admirable trait of Intercontinental is their standard of printing locally and working with union shops. All envelopes and invites are printed with an exclusive symbol, the “union bug”, that indicates that the item printed is backed by the quality and craftsmanship of a union company.

Event Invitations and Save the Dates

Intercontinental hosts a number of events and conferences annually. The challenge is to find ways to keep investors and attendees engaged year in and year out. With varying destinations, it provides an opportunity to incorporate the locations into the concepts.


For an event hosted in Hawaii, we created a perfect hybrid between location and brand elements into the materials. This incorporated a unique themed pattern as the focal point, while staying with the blue and red corporate color palette.

Mardi Gras Flare

For the 2018 IFEBP Annual Conference, we wanted to bring in new themes and moved away from the standard brand colors and style for this design. We tied the conference’s New Orlean location with a fun Mardi Gras theme.

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