Case Study

Packaging Design for Fancypants Baking Co.

Sprinkling a fresh design on cookie packaging to match the goodness inside.

P is for Packaging

And we all know what C is for! When Fancypants Baking Co. came to us looking for an overhaul of their cookie packaging, the desired direction was fun, playful, and of course delicious! The rabbits sunk our teeth in (literally and figuratively!) and got to work.

The packaging needed to stand out on shelves, communicate the crispy deliciousness of the cookies, and get across key differentiators of the brand, specifically that everything is baked by hand in a peanut and tree nut-free facility.

Fancypants double chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip cookies, brown sugar oatmeal cookies

Fancypants Baking Co. believes simplicity is the key to making great cookies.

Brand Identity

As a part of the project, the Rabbits re-imagined the Fancypants logo, thinking through how to modernize the wordmark and optimize it for a variety of applications including, of course, the packaging. The end result balances fun and whimsy with these practical considerations. We think it’s pretty fancy indeed!

Fancypants logo on apron with dozen eggs

Delicious Design

Featuring vibrant colors and hand-drawn illustrations that speak to each flavor’s ingredients, the new packaging is F-U-N, fun! From year-round flavors (classics like Chocolate Chip) to seasonal flavors (Vanilla Rose or Spicy Chocolate, anyone?) to specialty offerings (we got you, vegans)—we can’t pick a favorite!

Fancy pants cookies alternating packaging
FancyPants Baking Co. website

Website Design and Development

Fresh out of the oven is the newly redesigned FancyPants Baking Co. website! With the successful launch of their updated packaging, we were tasked to bring the new branding and visual identity to their web presence. To showcase FancyPants’ playful energy, we created a stop-motion animated video with dancing cookies that highlight their products and core differentiators in a unique way. Their joyful personality shines throughout the site with playful colors, hand-crafted illustrations, and tasty photography.

Visit Website

fancypants website design
fancypants website design
fancypants website design
fancypants website design
fancypants website design
fancypants website design

Upcycled Packaging Design

Who knew that doing something kind to the earth could be so delicious? FancyPants was early to the upcycled food trend and introduced our team to ingredients like Okara and coffee cherry. We loved concepting this adorable and fun new packaging but knew that we had some work to do around educating consumers. The Upcycled packaging features Chip + Terra, characters, and adorable ambassadors for the brand, that help educate consumers on the products, what upcycling is, and even how they can upcycle at home!

fancypants upcycled cookie and earth illustration
fancypants upcycled bags

Working with Jackrabbit Design made our project feel easy! We challenged them to unify our brand and they delivered. They are a fantastic team—great communicators who love the creative process!

Maura Duggan Founder & President, Fancypants Baking Co.