Raising Awareness of Stroke and Heart Disease

When Tedy’s Team reached out to us to create a fun, dynamic website around their mission of raising awareness for stroke and heart disease, we knew it would be a winning team. They trusted us to create graphics that promote the Be Fast acronym, which informs people about the signs of stroke. The website tells the story of Tedy Bruschi’s comeback to the NFL after his first stroke, and explains why their running members participate in marathons all over the country raising money to support the organization. Jackrabbit can’t wait to continue to support this amazing team–cheering them on as they take on new challenges.

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  • Web Design & Development
  • Business Cards & Stationery
  • Print Collateral
  • Signage
  • Video

Website Design & Development

The Tedy’s Team website is a resource for runners who want to apply to join in fundraising efforts. Clear event information was central to guiding participants to partner with Tedy’s Team as they build their awareness in the community and donor reach. Family is a key message throughout their communications, which we also portrayed visually by showcasing many photos of their team members. The website is strikes the right balance between informational and emotional.


Hear what Tedy Bruschi thought about the process and outcome of working with Jackrabbit Design.

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BE FAST Stroke Awareness Graphic

The BE FAST acronym is an easy way to help people remember the signs of a stroke. Knowing the signs can help save the life of someone experiencing these symptoms, and that is exactly why Tedy’s Team hopes to spread this knowledge.

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Tedy's Team Takes Time Square

Tedy’s Team was selected to ring the Nasdaq closing bell, which includes a video display opportunity in Time Square. Jackrabbit created a thirty second promo communicating the acronym BE FAST and the Tedy’s Team mission of supporting survivors on their journey and giving them the means for a comeback.


For Tedy’s Team participation in the virtual Boston Marathon 2020, they teamed up with Phat Scooters, which will be featured in the series, Riding Phat, launching early 2021 on Sony’s Crackle streaming platform. The Jackrabbit team helped document the use of these electric scooters by Tedy’s Team to cheer on the runners during the event.

"The Comeback" Wine Label Design

Two things Jackrabbit loves: Tedy’s Team and wine! So when Tedy’s Team collaborated with Nocking Point Wines to create a red blend that would help support their organization, they came to Jackrabbit for the label design. They wanted a label that would help celebrate anybody’s comeback, no matter how big or small.

"We came to Jackrabbit asking them to create a website for us that showed our passion for our mission. What they did was create... the only word I can say is... a championship website that I am so happy about. I'm thankful to Jackrabbit for everything they've done for Tedy's Team."

– Tedy Bruschi Co-founder of Tedy's Team and 3x Superbowl Champ

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