Case Study

Engaging Branded Video for American Tower

Bringing real human stories behind American Tower's global work to life through emotive and inspirational visual storytelling.


American Tower, a leading global Real Estate Investment Trust with a portfolio of nearly 226,000 communication sites worldwide, sought to elevate their established brand through captivating visual storytelling and video. Partnering with Jackrabbit, they embarked on a journey to effectively communicate their transformative work, environmental commitment, and complex operations, thereby enhancing their global brand presence to unparalleled heights.


Elderly village women using mobile phone with her granddaughter in India

Digital Villages Video

Jackrabbit was selected by American Tower (ATC) to create a video to amplify their Digital Communities initiative, aimed at bridging the digital divide in underserved areas. The project targeted establishing 2,000 Digital Communities globally by 2026, providing essential services like community education, financial literacy, career development, and healthcare access. Using vivid visuals from digital communities in Africa and India, the final video effectively showcased ATC’s transformative efforts, demonstrating the immense potential of these communities for inclusive growth.

Diverse group of young adults taking a group selfie at a carnival

Virtual Tower Tour Videos

Continuing our partnership with ATC, Jackrabbit took on the challenge of virtually replicating their onsite tower tours that were targeted to Congress members, policymakers, and local government officials. We created two videos: a brief ATC overview and an extended virtual tower tour. With a blend of animation and live-action, including drone shots and interviews, we crafted an engaging and informative experience. The key was the clarification of ATC’s misunderstood co-location business model, presented as a “vertical office building.” By presenting ATC’s operations in the wireless industry’s real estate sector, we achieved a realistic virtual experience while contributing to ATC’s ongoing education initiatives.

Aerial view of telecommunications cellular tower at sunset

Sustainability Video

In 2019, Jackrabbit was commissioned to create a video supplementing ATC’s annual Sustainability Report, highlighting their green practices and commitment to sustainable energy. Our task involved turning ATC’s sustainability commitment into a compelling visual story. We merged existing ATC footage with stylized infographics and graphics that aligned with their brand identity. We also jointly developed the script with ATC and sourced a voice actor whose tone resonated with the ATC brand. The resulting video was an engaging, visually appealing testament to ATC’s sustainability initiatives, further affirming its status as an industry leader.