Which is why we love having the
Boston Mutual team as part of ours.

Consistent Solutions

We were excited to partner with Boston Mutual Life Insurance to help carry their brand style throughout all marketing collateral. Using their company characteristics as the basis for all designs is an important common thread.


  • Self Promo
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brochures
  • Business Cards & Stationery
  • Print Collateral

Printed & Digital Annual Report

Our first major project was their printed and digital annual report. In celebration of their 125th anniversary, we established a theme, The People Behind You, that was carried throughout the report design and copy. As a way to highlight the forward-thinking principles, we developed an intro video that was used in the digital piece–a website that included interactivity and animation to bring all content to life.

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We carried the brand style into additional sales pieces by using white space effectively and including focused call outs to bring attention to the content.


Keeping employees informed about everything going on at Boston Mutual via corporate communications is very important. We established a new template design for their monthly newsletter so that all of the important, fun, and exciting information can be easily distributed to the entire organization.

Brand Guidelines

An important part of branding is to give clear usage guidelines so design can be applied both internally and externally and still feel consistent. When your audience interacts with your brand, consistency is key because it reinforces that emotional brand connection that will help drive loyalty and shape the brand’s reputation.

Making An Impact Brochure

Boston Mutual was looking for a way to illustrate all of their charitable and community activities. This educational brochure explains the focus of their corporate citizenship program and the ways they engage with their policyholders, employees, and producer partners to support those in need.

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