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Engineer Your Health

The MIT DAPER team of fun-loving and engaging professionals makes working with them straightforward and enjoyable. We wanted to make sure that the sites showcased the depth and availability of their workout options, as well as membership choices, schedules, and athletic programs. From an aesthetic perspective, we wanted to communicate the dynamism and energy of the facilities, so we incorporated a kinetic-looking design over many image elements of the site.

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  • Web Design & Development
  • Mobile
  • Video

Web Design & Development

These websites had a number of functional needs, including displaying Group Exercise classes clearly, leading people to relevant event sign-ups, aggregating available courses including key registration and testing dates, and showcasing a dynamic pool schedule so users always know exactly which lanes are available. We worked these items into the design from day one, making sure that these actions were as easy to do as browsing the site and admiring the photography.

A Family of Sites

Creating a family of sites that hit the mark for MIT’s Department of Athletics required a thorough information architecture phase to think through how the common structure would work for all the programs, including  physical education and wellness, club sports, and intramural sports.


Designing for Digital Natives

Thinking through the mobile experience and ease of navigation for these sites was critical. It goes without saying that a key user group for the MIT Athletics websites is students. Also not surprising, this demographic relies heavily on mobile devices as their go-to for web browsing. We treated certain mobile pages very different from their desktop view–group class schedules on MIT Rec being one example. The sites deliver a seamless mobile experience that would make any Gen Z-er smile (or at least scroll).


The actual sign-up or purchasing of classes was done through a third-party that had been handling this for quite some time. Our task was to create a user experience that made finding courses a breeze, and the carryover to the third party seamless.

Making the Cool Stuff Shine

MIT students can get certified as pirates! And while real pirates might not care about a piece of paper (perhaps too preoccupied with pillaging?), we think it’s pretty cool and wanted to find an interesting way to showcase the program. Arrrrrrr!

MIT Press Video

When the MIT Recreation website took first place in the NIRSA Creative Excellence Awards we wanted to do something fun to announce it. We headed to their facilities with our video gear and a rough outline of what we wanted to do. Using their expansive facilities, we shot various sports with the athletes calling out highlights of the new site. It made for a much more creative “press release”, and had the added benefit of showing off the space and the team!

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