Rooting for the home team (and the great causes their Foundation supports).

The Rabbits are Superfans.

The Red Sox Foundation is the team’s official charity that focuses on harnessing the passion of Sox fans to serve the children and families of New England. Jackrabbit has been working with the Red Sox Foundation since 2010. Over the years, we have designed and developed (and later redesigned) their official website, online advertisements, digital billboards, emailers, and even a Red Sox Foundation bumper sticker for the 2013 victory parade!

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  • Web Design & Development
  • Event Identity & Invitations
  • Online Marketing
  • Print Collateral
  • Video

Responsive Design

The latest and greatest edition of the Red Sox Foundation website is fully responsive. This means not only will the site look great on your phone, but you can make a donation or sign up for an event while on-the-go. 

Connecting with Visitors

One of the best parts about the Red Sox Foundation website is how integrated it is with their social accounts. We spent time implementing various feeds (paying careful attention to the design) so that fresh information goes directly into the homepage, and gives users an immediate sense of the various happenings throughout the organization. 

Bringing the Most Popular Features to the Forefront

Looking at data from the old site, it was clear where users visited the most: 50/50 raffle winners, and scoreboard messages. We used this information and designed prominent calls to action to both sections of the site, front-and-center on the homepage. We also made significant improvements on how the raffle winners are displayed, and how the scoreboard message ordering happens, making for a much easier user experience. Additionally, you’ll notice the intentional prominence of video content throughout the site.

Fenway Honors Event Identity & Design

When the Red Sox Foundation decided to bring back a special Spring event, Fenway Honors, they turned to us to help brand the gala. We were happy to come up with the overall branding and logo concepts, which lead into the event invites and collateral. The event design was an interesting balance–classy and elegant to reflect the specific gala event, and athletic/Championship baseball club vibe of the organization. 

Baseball Cards

Hands-down our favorite piece of collateral for the event. We worked up an idea to have the award recipients featured in a deck of baseball cards. This not only served as a way to get key information across, but made for an excellent favor that guests could take home with them. We loved coming up with a retro-style design for these, carefully debating over every detail from the card stock to the case to put them in. 

Community Service Videos

One of the best ways to get across the Red Sox Foundation in action has been going to actual events and getting footage of the community connections. Seeing the great work that they do throughout real action shots reinforces the true mission of the organization. 

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