Defying Impossible Together

A Precision Website

We began working with Senior Metal Bellows in 2017, when they engaged us for help with the design, development, and copy for a new website. We took a holistic approach to defining the organization and it’s value propositions, as well as thinking through the varied audiences and crafting a site to serve all of their different needs.¬†Additionally, we did photography and videography shoots to capture the many components of this dynamic company and incorporate that content into the site.

Printed Pieces Too

We were thrilled to carry the great site designs through to printed materials as well. We did banners and backdrops for various trade shows, each with a particular focus. The banners have a cohesive look, but speak to a particular industry about the most important points and relevant products. We also created an overarching capabilities brochure, that gave a great, high-level view of who Senior Metal Bellows is and the breadth of their organization.

Just for Fun...

Bellows can be used to make anything, including this fun mascot! While doing photography and videography around the facility, we couldn’t help but take a liking to this little guy.

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