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Pushing the Envelope

Long before email marketing, there were the days of good old fashioned direct mail. At Jackrabbit, we grew up in that age, and continue to be proficient in direct marketing. We help clients reach customers and prospects where they are by creating compelling and memorable pieces that drive recipients to take action.

Don't Overlook This Tried and True Tool

Today, we help many brands leverage email and digital marketing in the same ways as direct marketing. And while the world has changed significantly and marketers have many more channels to consider, traditional direct mail marketing can be a great targeting tool in your marketing tool kit.

The Power of Direct Marketing

The digital channels where many of us spend our time are flooded with ads. From news websites to social media, it’s clear to see that these channels are a growing preference of marketers, and for good reason. But on the other side, how do you break through all that noise? That, combined with the fact that it’s been shown that direct marketing often drives more action than digital mediums, should make you think twice before discounting this powerful tool!

"I have had the pleasure of working with Jackrabbit Design for more than 15 years. Jackrabbit continually
delivers on creating, managing, and implementing
our vision on time and on budget."

Petra Marino DirectPath

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