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Good Sports


Winners of our first Carrots for a Cause contest, Good Sports has been a loyal Jackrabbit client from then on.

We helped them meet their goal of providing athletic gear to 1,000,000 children around the U.S.

And we’ve been adding to that number ever since!

Good Sports is a nonprofit organization that gives all kids the lifelong benefits of sport and physical activity by providing equipment, apparel and footwear to those most in need.

Jackrabbit has worked with the organization since 2011. They are our biggest pro-bono client, and we are all  fans of the cause — Dave even sits on the board.

website design and development


The Equip-A-Kid platform is a virtual equipment drive where everyone is encouraged to contribute to the cause. The platform allows users to select a sport and add exactly what equipment they want their money to go towards. The illustrative design and thoughtful user experience allow people to truly get a sense of what they’re giving, making it feel more real and impactful. The website always had online donations, but this is a fresh, new way to give!

equip-a-kid web experience

event branding & marketing

Legends of the Ball

This event is held annually—in Boston and in Chicago—and is the biggest event Good Sports puts on.

Jackrabbit created a unique logo and identity for the event in 2015, working to get across the tone of the special night and help give everything a unified look and feel moving forward. From the signage to the program books, including small details like the table cards, every element matters.

We maintain the essential event branding annually, but add some special touches each year to freshen things up. Especially for their recent 15th anniversary year!

event graphics

15 memorable moments banner

printed invite package

From concepting and producing PSAs to crafting meaningful infographics, we have done it all.

ad campaign


keeping kids in the game animated video

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