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Aaron Keith

Senior Web Developer

Aaron is a talented developer who has worked on the gamut of websites at Jackrabbit; he's a master at transmuting ones and zeros into a communication style our clients can fully resonate with, ensuring trust and stability.

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I enjoy bridging the communication gap between nerd, machine, and client.

The Conscious Coder

With every line of code written, Aaron applies his keen sense of problem-solving by sniffing out any potential issues or roadblocks that may occur before they become problems. Also, his ability to view a coding challenge from multiple perspectives makes him a critical asset to solving even the most intricate mysteries of the web, in little time.

Aaron is a graduate of the New England Institute of Technology and was born and raised in Connecticut. His interest in self-growth work has led him to co-host the Wise Why podcasts where topics such as emotional responsibility and conscious communication are discussed.