Chris Ariñez headshot

Christopher Ariñez

Art Director & Illustrator

With his passion for animation and illustration, Chris offers a fun and creative spin on the same-ole to every project he works on.

I live to create, and I love to solve problems. As a Rabbit, I’m able to blend my passions and create memorable experiences from the challenges and opportunities our clients bring to the table.

The Carefree Creative

Always bringing a bit of Southern hospitality to everything he does, Chris facilitates collaboration among the team to consistently push the envelope and create engaging designs. Chris’ interest in visual problem-solving began as soon as he could pick up a crayon. As a kid, he drew constantly and filled notebooks with crazy characters going on wild adventures. Today, he still fills notebooks with doodles, but now those drawings often lead to compelling design solutions.

Chris earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the University of Georgia. In his free time, Chris can be found drawing, cooking, eating (his favorite pastime), and searching for where they hide the sweet tea in New England.