Danielle Staruk

I am always excited to try something new. Even if you fail, it is not a bad thing–because you’ll know what doesn’t work and be able to learn from that.

Danielle is a project manager with a passion for the marketing world. Her tasks can range from populating one-hundred blog posts in a single day, to trafficking a print project when a PM needs help. All of the rabbits constantly ask her to look things over with fresh eyes, and she’s used to spotting, and fixing, any inconsistencies (therefore saving the day).

The Eagle Eye.

Danielle holds a Bachelor of Communications from Worcester State College. She recognizes how important it is for all organizations to have a short and clear message–and brings that insight and more to her projects. She is excited to be part of a team that works hard and is proud of the work they do.

When she’s not in the office, Danielle enjoys spending time with family, her cats Harold & Sue, and her husband (high school sweethearts!). In the summer, you can find her outdoors–camping, hammocking, or canoeing the Saco river. She also enjoys baking, much to the delight of her coworkers!