Danielle Staruk headshot

Danielle Staruk

Senior Digital Project Manager

Danielle is a project manager with a passion for organization. Her projects have a next-level record of success, often due to her careful planning, keen memory, and creative problem solving.

I am incredibly hands-on with my projects, ensuring I know the ins and outs of a client’s expectations and can set the design and development team up for success from day one.


Danielle heads up many of Jackrabbit’s more complex web projects, as the project manager most fluent in nerd-speak. Nonetheless, she’s just as enthusiastic when pursuing other project types, whether they involve branding or being in the video studio. In fact, her positive attitude and accessible vibe are what keep spirits high on her project teams and strengthen friendships in the burrow.

Danielle holds a Bachelor of Communications from Worcester State College. She’s never met a puzzle she couldn’t conquer and is a key participant in any office puzzling. When she’s not at work, Danielle enjoys spending time with her husband and their two cats. She is an avid reader with an affinity for thrillers (the more twists, the better!).