Evan Scales

I’ve been in the creative game for a while, growing quickly from a graphic design freelancer to a professional photographer and videographer.

Evan’s resumé is pretty impressive, which is really no surprise; he’s always been hooked on cameras. He’s grown past his early days saving up for and tinkering with a flip camera, and continues adding impressive projects with a busy roster of clients.

The Prodigy.

Evan heads up all things video at Jackrabbit. He enjoys working with a team of talented designers, calling on them to add ideas, graphics, and typography to various video projects. He lends his expert eye to a wide variety of video and photo shoots, giving clear insight and practiced direction to everyone from Project Managers to hired talent.

Outside of Jackrabbit, Evan enjoys playing hockey; when the weather’s right, you can find him spending his free time out on the water.