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Larry Buckley

Content & Strategy

Larry builds big-picture thinking into any sized project, and provides crisp copy and content across all media.

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Ambidextrousness is a trait that I happily share with my jazz-musician father (also a 'Larry Buckley').

The Jack of All Trades

Master of some, too. Larry’s first trade—during college summers—was carpentry, where he learned the value of getting the foundation and framing right before moving on to decorative trim. After 20-plus years in the business, Larry continues to apply the same approach to advertising and marketing communications. He is well-read, well-traveled, and has the ability to talk persuasively to anyone on just about any topic. In his marketing and branding work, this skill translates into creative concepts and strategies that stand out and speak effectively to their target audience.

Throughout his career, Larry has worked as Creative Director and Senior Copywriter for video, web, social media, and print productions at reputable firms such as 451 Marketing, COMM Creative, and Windsor Cobb Design. In addition to the writer’s keyboard, Larry is equally at-home behind any kind of camera, or in front of a swinging jazz combo.