Will Samatis headshot

Will Samatis


Will brings a unique perspective and style to his role at Jackrabbit, where he works on a variety of illustration, animation, and videography projects.

I want to be producing top-tier, award-winning animation projects. It’s so cool what you can do with all the resources now and I want to continue expanding my potential as a creator.


Prior to Jackrabbit, Will primarily worked as a commercial storyboard artist and animation producer. However, he grew up as a traditional artist which is often evident, especially with his incredible character design capabilities. He toggles between 2D and 3D animation, drawing inspiration from urban and anime illustration of the 90s. His willingness to grow and learn drives him to constantly add new programs and techniques to his arsenal.

Outside of work, Will loves to expand his creativity through tackling art projects and studying piano and music. At home, you’ll find Will playing video games and spending time with his wife and daughter.