Sharon Mulcahy

In Memoriam | 1970-2014

In loving memory…

Sharon Mulcahy (1970-2014) co-founded Jackrabbit Design in 1999 with Dave Belyea. She was a creative maven and somewhat of a Martha Stewart protégée.  She oversaw all major design decisions, and always managed to keep freshly baked cookies on the counter!

The Nurturer.

A design veteran that created some very recognizable brand work in the Boston area, Sharon was also the resident interior designer at Jackrabbit. Sharon helped our clients understand the value of design in business, and helped determine the best design direction for brands to take to make a lasting impression. She had an uncanny ability to create bold, yet classic designs that pushed the envelope.

Taken too soon, Sharon’s generous spirit and flawless aesthetic shine as enduring inspiration to all who knew her. We will cherish her memory forever.