What do users need to access and accomplish, and how can we build a solution that meets all needs?

The answer, of course, is thoughtful user experience design.

Know Thy Audience

User experience starts with knowing your user. It is imperative to understand your audiences: the different personas, needs, and their typical journey. This information forms the basis for any well-done user experience work.

The Process

Even though the end goal is often the same (smart, intuitive, easy to use) the path to get there takes many different forms. In some cases, we’ll spend months conducting interviews and gathering research in order to work that into the user experience. Other times, the ask may be simpler–like when we are redesigning a marketing site and can jump into wireframes after rooting around in Analytics and discussing the main goals of a new site.

The Output

Typically, user experience projects culminate in finalized interactive wireframes—blueprints for the site that lay the groundwork for the creative and development teams to work their magic. Wireframes allow us to define the priority of information, how it will be displayed, and how different personas will do their respective tasks. By investing heavily in the site architecture, we avoid problems down the road.

What's Your UX Challenge?

Because the term is so broad, “user experience” gets thrown around a lot and can be confusing. For us, we think of it this way: tell us what you’re trying to accomplish and what you already know. From there, we can guide the process.

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