Celebrating Leap Day: Some of Our Favorite 2023 Projects

Title Banner: Jackrabbit's Leap Day Year In Review - A quick look back at 2023 before we leap forward!

Today is Leap Day. That’s right, a bonus day! And with this extra day, we’re taking the opportunity to reflect on all we accomplished last year. From digital campaigns and websites to packaging and video, each project holds a special place in our hearts. So, as we celebrate this Leap Day, we extend a special shoutout and wish a happy birthday to all the folks with February 29th birthdays, perpetually young at heart.

Let’s look back at 2023 and some of our favorite highlights…



In the dynamic advertising landscape, Jackrabbit carved a niche by conceptualizing and executing campaigns that captured attention and translated into tangible results for our clients. With compelling messaging and visuals, our advertising projects in 2023 were tailored to make a lasting impact.

For The Cooperative Bank (TCB), we developed a comprehensive brand identity that has been brought to life through a variety of print and digital media. From billboards, out-of-home, digital, social media, and newspaper—we ensured that their message resonated with new and existing customers in the Boston area.

TCB Digital Advertising for Home Equity Loans and Local Business Campaigns.

Learn more about our advertising expertise here.


Video Production

Lights, camera, action! 2023 saw Jackrabbit elevate storytelling through the lens, bringing narratives to life with video production. From corporate profiles to product showcases, our team blended creativity with technical finesse. 

Learn more about our video production capabilities here.


Event Campaign

Event Campaign

Whether planning an internal company gathering, an annual meeting, or a gala, Jackrabbit has created compelling event themes that tell a story and permeate every aspect of event collateral—from invitations and printed materials to video and swag.

Invitation and Branding for MSPCA-Angell’s Raise the Woof Annual Fundraising Gala

Raise the Woof is MSPCA-Angell’s premier fundraising event. We’ve worked on the event’s branding for several years and are always looking for creative ways to help their materials stand out. Our design solutions have included unique invitation die-cuts, foils, varnishes, and other special print techniques to help the event shine. As a signature spring event, last year’s designs drew inspiration from the season. The invitation featured a fresh green and pink palette with a die-cut floral/animal pattern that was then applied to all branded materials.




Over the years, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to build robust websites for our clients. This past year, we created a series of sophisticated websites that are easy to navigate, visually rich, and functionally sound. No matter what industry our clients operate in, the principles of good website design keep us grounded as we work through our process. 

Website Design and Development for TG Gallagher Mechanical Contractors

TG Gallagher is a New England mechanical contractor company with over eight decades of industry leadership, specializing in HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, and maintenance services. We worked with TG Gallagher to redesign their website to effectively demonstrate the breadth, depth, and history of their services and capabilities.

Learn more about our website design and development capabilities here.




Packaging is an art form, and at Jackrabbit, we approach it with a blend of creativity and strategic thinking. Our packaging projects in 2023 were a testament to our ability to transform products into captivating experiences. Join us as we unwrap the creativity behind our packaging endeavors and discover how we help our clients make a lasting impression.

Branding and Packaging Design for Craftwell Cocktails

Craftwell Cocktails, inspired by the spirit of the Pacific Northwest, are wonderfully flavorful wine-based cocktails in a convenient can crafted with real fruit to deliver an authentic cocktail experience and exceptional taste. As a key differentiator, the fruit visuals we developed are an important part of the final packaging design, used in a prominent way to express the brand’s ability to deliver flavor, fun, and energy.

Learn more about our packaging capabilities here.


Featured: Optavise

Sometimes our clients want a little bit of everything! As DirectPath became a part of Optavise, we were thrilled to play a role in the transformation. With the Optavise brand already well-established, we set to work updating videos, collateral, and more to shine in their new home. Some of our favorites?

  1. Events: The brand came to life in the tradeshow booth design, which paired well with pickleball giveaways.
  2. Same Procedure/Same City ≠ Same Cost: We took great data gathered by the Optavise team to show how different healthcare procedures can have vastly different costs. The interactive map that we designed and developed allows the user to zoom around to different cities and procedures and see real-world examples of this. View the site here.
  3. Infographics and other marketing collateral: Clearly, we like making data interesting! In this example, a one-page infographic highlights issues with employees understanding benefits


Let’s Leap Forward

As we bid farewell to 2023, we are grateful for the collaborations that made it special. At Jackrabbit, our passion lies not just in crafting innovative solutions, but in the joy of witnessing our clients’ brands shine.

From conceptualizing advertising campaigns that resonate with your audience to the magic of bringing your narratives to life through video, every project became a shared journey. Whether brainstorming event themes, building robust and visually stunning websites, or creating stand-out packaging designs, our focus has always been on amplifying our clients’ unique stories.

As we enter 2024, we’re excited to see what great work comes out of our existing client relationships, and what is to come. Let’s leap forward together, exploring fresh possibilities and co-creating experiences that elevate brands to new heights. Your trust and collaboration inspire us daily, and we look forward to another year of creating moments that make your brand not just memorable, but truly exceptional.

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