Great content is central to great marketing.

Your Content Strategy - Building The Foundation

Whether your goals are thought leadership, connecting with prospective employees, or generating leads through content marketing, we always start with thorough research and discovery. Successful brand storytelling is rooted in a firm understanding of a brand’s foundation, including key audiences, value propositions and messages. Because of our background in brand strategy, we know that starting here is the key to success.

The right tool for the job.

Armed with that foundation, along with a knowledge of key marketing goals, our team gets to work thinking through the right formats and channels to reach target audiences. And there’s a lot to consider there! Video, visuals and photography, social content, blog content, whitepapers, case studies, infographics… the list goes on.


A brand personality humanizes your brand, giving it a distinct character and sensibilities that reflect your character. It helps differentiate you from the competition, directs your public image, and is the engine that drives brand experiences. A brand personality is shown, never told.



Positioning is what uniquely defines your brand in the hearts and minds of your audiences and differentiates you from the competition. It must have a single-minded focus, be deeply relevant to who you really are, and be compelling to your target market.



Your core values summarize your fundamental beliefs as an organization. These principles guide you in working together toward a shared vision. By defining what you stand for as a brand, you can attract employees, partners, and customers who share your beliefs.



Your brand promise is a memorable phrase that sums up the tone and premise of your brand, acts as your unique differentiator, and reinforces and strengthens the target audiences’ memory of your brand. Internally, it is used to drive actions and ensures that everyone in the organization acts as one.

Case Studies

Stories are best told by the people who lived them. We help clients develop case studies across all mediums, but when you can get those stories on camera, it can be marketing gold.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

If you think that the process ends with the finished product, you’re wrong! Measuring success and continual refinement is a critical component; without this step, you may be creating content, but you are not truly executing a content strategy. And with these capabilities all under one roof, including an in-house photo and video studio, the Rabbits offer a holistic approach to content.

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